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Halloween Costumes for the Bearded Man 2016, pt. 3

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Ready for the third installment of the 2016 costumes for guys with beards? We thought you might be.

There Can Only Beard One

To be Sean Connery from Highlander, it’ll takes a well manicured beard (a Van Dyke or an Imperial with a soul patch should do nicely), a well tailored period costume, and an inexplicable Irish brogue despite playing a Spaniard. Oh, and one giant fake pearl earring. Bonus points for peacock feathers. Add a couple of swords to really take it home, and if anyone gives you a hard time, remind them, "there can be only one!"

The White Knight

Remember that douchebag from Die Hard, Harry Ellis? The one who wants to move in on McClane’s wife? If you have a gray business suit, a little flour in your beard (remember, he does blow), you can walk around the party calling people “bubby” and saying things like, “sprechen sie Talk?,” and generally acting like a sleazeball. If you’re going with a balding friend, have him go barefoot with a tanktop, and tape a toy pistol to his back. He may get to be McClane, but at least you’ll have shoes on. Make sure you wash your beard and get the flour out when you're done.

Nobody Puts Beardo In a Corner

Alright, that’s the wrong movie, but it’s the right actor. To pull off Bodhi from Point Break you can probably find a decent surfer wig unless you already have the locks. To make this work, in addition to the hair, you’ll need the following:

    • a cheap Reagan mask to carry around (maybe walk in with the mask and pull it off to reveal the mullet)
    • a tuxedo with the shirt and jacket open to reveal ...
    • a tank top or a wet suit underneath.

Since this is another one for the light scruff, you should probably be using Beard Saver to keep the itch at bay.

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