Posted by Bluebeards Original on Jun 23rd 2014

5 of the Best Beards in Sports

Athletes are usually judged by the public on things like wins and loses, slugging percentages, sacks per season, etc. We at Bluebeards Original like to judge athletes based on how they present themselves, and by present themselves, we mean how awesome their beards are. Here are 5 of the best beards in sports:

Brett Keisel – The long time Steeler Defensive End might have been a piece of the “Steel Curtain” defense, but we’re sure his flowing facial locks are what really had QBs shaking in their boots. With a beard this long, he clearly would have benefited from our beard wash.


Antonio Garay – The NFL Nose-Tackle with a flare for the dramatics, at least when it came to his beard. While most artists would prefer to use paint brushes or pencils, Garay elected to use a razor. Images of his beard grooming should some day be found in Canton, OH.


Brian Wilson – The Dodger star pitcher has made headlines not just for his performance, but his unwillingness to shave his beard when the NY Yankees were interested in signing him. Kudos Brian for standing up for what you have obviously dedicated a great amount of time to — your beard care.


James Harden – Beards in the NBA are becoming more prevalent, but none more so than Harden’s bold Chin Curtain. Harden is known for splitting defenses on the court and taking care of split ends off the court through the use of beard lotions and moisturizers. All around, James can be described as slick!


Kimbo Slice – The famed street fighter, turned MMA star, turned Boxer adds to the expression “Fear the Beard”. His thick full beard along with gigantic size are sure to intimidate any foe. We are sure Kimbo has his solutions to handling beard itch that would come from combat sports. My guess is he pounds it into submission.


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