Posted by Bluebeards Original on May 15th 2022

7 Tips to Keep Your Beard Healthy This Summer

Let's face it: the last two years have been a bit much! We're all ready to jump into this summer and live life to the fullest—and whether that means beach vacations with the family, camping with friends, or just lounging around the pool and enjoying the weather, the time is right to start living large again.

So, as the rugged, handsome, bearded hero you are, what do you need to keep in mind as you adventure through June, July, and August, and into that bittersweet first part of September?

Why, you need to keep in mind the health of your beard, of course!

Without some TLC, your beard can become a tangly, crazy-looking mess, and that's not a great look for summer—or for any other time of year either.

So here it is: our list of tips to keep your beard looking great this summer, and to keep you feeling great, as well.

We'll start with a tip that's near and dear to our hearts:

A Clean Beard is a Happy Beard

When you think summer, what do you imagine?

Usually it's lazy days at the shore, hot nights with live music, cold beers on the porch... that sort of thing. All the activities that make summer wonderful and meaningful and joyful. Easy bliss, in other words.

So what are the things you don’t usually imagine?

That would be beard itch, dead skin cells on your chin and cheeks, and that funky smell your beard gets when you don't take care of it.

We got a little “real” there—our apologies! It's true, though, and it's worth mentioning: the summer months are absolutely brutal on a beard. All that easy bliss can result in a sweaty, stinky, irritated beard, and that’s just gross.

The good news is that it's very easy to cleanse a beard, and during those hot summer months, a beard wash can not only get you looking good again and fully clean your beard, it can also feel GREAT. A cool, mint beard wash can be one of those summer joys that you look forward to—and at the end of the day, that’s not a chore, that’s a luxury.

You Know This One: Keep Yourself Hydrated

Yeah, yeah, yeah... you've heard this a thousand times. You know you've got to stay hydrated. So why are we bringing this up?

For two reasons:

1) Many of us tend to forget that beard growth relies on skin health, and hydration is incredibly important to skin health. In fact, many guys find that once they properly start to hydrate themselves, their beards grow in healthy and strong, and staying hydrated can be an easy way to keep a beard coming in. But also...

2) Very few of us actually make it a point to stay hydrated! We all know we should stay hydrated, but many of us forget to—and that's especially true during the summer months, when you're constantly on the move, going to work, going on vacation, and going to meet up with friends. And it's especially true if you're drinking alcohol, and especially true if you're drinking alcohol during daytime hours when the sun is out and shining bright. Think BBQ, pool party, roof-deck bar, etc. Those types of get-togethers are hydration-killers.

So have your beard in mind and always keep a water bottle near you. If it helps, you can lean into "summer" drinks, like lemonade, limeade, cherryade, and all that. It’ll make a huge difference, and you’ll feel a lot better—and your beard will thank you.

Keep Your Beard Hydrated Too

Ever notice how your beard can get brittle during the summer months? There’s good news and bad news about that: the good news is that your beard provides an incredible amount of protection against the sun's UV rays and can actually prevent skin cancer. Think about that—that's incredible!

That bad news is that—as you might expect—fighting all those UV rays can beat up your beard hair pretty badly. It can dry it out, make it flat and limp, and take the luster out of it.

Luckily, of all the problems you face with your beard, keeping it hydrated is one of the easier challenges to face. To keep your beard moisturized, you want to stay away from wash-out balms and conditioners, and use a moisturizer you can leave in your beard so that your beard hair gets constant protection from the sun's rays.

We should mention, the "keep your beard hydrated" tip goes for those of you who do a lot of swimming, too. Whether it's in the pool (where the chlorine can get to your whiskers) or in the ocean (where the salt water can dehydrate both your skin and beard), your beard is going to get sucked dry, so be sure to give it a little hydration of its own.

Remember That Short Beards Need TLC Too

Somewhere along the line, many of us agreed—we didn't really talk about it, but we all came to the same place—that we'd go with the big bushy beard during the winter months, and then trim it back for a short, trim, stubbly look during the summer months. If that's not your strategy, chances are that somebody you know embraces the "winter = bushy” then “summer = close-cropped" pattern, and it's kind of amazing when you see how many men trim their beards short for vacation.

And that's great, right? Shorter beards don't require any grooming! It's a vacation from beard care. Woo-hoo!

Well... that's not quite true! Short beards need some tending, and while a good stubble trimmer can help you shape your facial hair, that's only half the battle. Short beards can do a number on your skin, but they provide a fantastic opportunity to keep your skin healthy, and they allow for some fantastic exfoliation. A well-formulated scrub wash can loosen dead skin cells and keep pores from getting clogged, and that type of upkeep can lead to a healthy, more vibrant-looking beard.

You Don't Want to Put Suntan Lotion on Your Beard, But...

...if you have spots on your face that don't grow facial hair, you should definitely put suntan lotion on those locations.

This sounds odd, but it's actually REALLY common for a lot of men, and the most common spots where beards don't grow are on either side of the soul patch. We're not sure of the science as to why so many guys don't grow hair on that region of their face, but a lot of guys who have otherwise fantastic facial simply don't grow whiskers in that area.

So, if that's you, make sure you take the time to dab a little bit of lotion on those spots. When it comes to sunburns—and even worse, sun damage—there's always some area you forget to protect, so try to make sure that area isn't on your face!

Try to Maintain Your Grooming Routine

This tip isn't necessarily about keeping your beard healthy—it's more about keeping you looking your best.

As you've probably imagined when you were first growing a beard, the dream of beards is that you can let yourself go and just grow your beard in peace. The reality is... well, the opposite! Beards need daily/weekly trimming, shaping, moisturizing, and so on. It’s not less grooming—in fact, it’s probably more.

And the summer months are when guys tend to forget all that. After all, the summer months are about freedom! and about luxury! and about letting go of all those tasks you have to do the rest of the year!

Sadly, beard grooming isn't one of those tasks you should let go, because ignoring your beard can make you look a little bit deranged. Wispy fly-aways, split ends, and so on—not a great look, and not a great look during summer.

So, try to maintain your beard grooming routine, even if you're in an exotic locale, thousands of miles from home, and your mind is at rest and relaxing. :)

And our last tip…

Stay Out of Trouble!

Stress is bad for the epidermis. Enough said!

There You Have It—Easy Tips for a Healthy Beard

Hopefully there's something here that can help you maintain that incredible beard you have, all while drinking every last drop of your eternal summer.

Have fun, be good, and happy beard!