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A Dozen plus Beards for Star Wars Day

In honor of Star Wars Day (“May the Fourth be with you”), check out these Star Wars Characters with Beards (okay: there’s a mustache in there, too) Which Star Wars beard is your favorite?




Alec Guiness’s “Old Ben” commanded respect with a gentlemanly but natural beard, and when it was time for Ewan McGregor’s version to grow up, he wore a pretty nice facsimile. Kenobi’s beard was probably the first full beard seen in the franchise, introduced with an epic reveal as he saves Luke from the sand people and pulls back to show a white beard, the symbol of wisdom and experience.



What do you say about the guy who trained the guy? He also “discovered” Anakin Skywalker, so how do we feel about that? Without Qui-Gon there never would have been a Darth Vader? Maybe things would have turned out differently for Palpatine, maybe Alderaan would never have been blown up? Let’s not think too much about it. Just remember that he has a particular set of skills. And whiskers.



Han Solo’s frenemy (we will never use that word again) was a smooth operator whether it came to the ladies, smuggling goods, gambling, or politics. Somehow the mustache says, “debonair,” like a swashbuckling anti-hero from another era. He managed to put himself at the top of Cloud City, and seemed to be okay with following the Empire’s money. But like Solo, he was a rogue with a heart of gold and couldn’t resist fighting for the little guy.




Because of course.



One of the most impressive beards in the franchise is almost Walt Whitman-esque, the kind of white beard that makes people think, “I bet that guy has an idea.” He looks like the kind of guy you want planning the next move for your rebel army, and he was apparently pretty great tactician.



What, you’ve never heard of Noa Briqualon? You didn’t know that Wilfred Brimley was in Star Wars? Well, he wasn’t exactly. He was featured in the long-forgotten television special Ewoks: the Battle for Endor. He wasn’t Santa Claus. He was a trader who’s cruiser crashed and… you know what? The less we talk about it the better. You don’t need us ruining Star Wars for you by talking about magic rings and a character who makes Jar Jar almost tolerable.



Not only was he a senator from a royal family, but Bail and his wife Breha, Queen of Alderaan, were the reason Leia was a princess: they were her adopted parents. And if that wasn’t enough, he was one of the Rebel Alliance’s founding fathers. For all that you’d expect a more memorable character, but we aretalking about the prequels, where even Samuel L. Jackson seems boring. We could be wrong, but he may have had the franchise’s only goatee.



He was kind of Darth Vader’s stepdad, but you can’t blame him for how Anakin turned out. he never really knew him. Cliegg lost his leg in a booby trap trying to save his wife from Tusken Raiders, and even Anakin could only recover her body. He has a neatly trimmed beard for a simple moisture farmer from Tatooine.



Luke Skywalker’s ‘uncle’ and the man who raised him. He tried to keep Luke from having anything to do with with things outside their little world, lest he follow his father (or be found by him). He had about as much luck with that as he did growing a beard. He kept his scruff light, and it must have itched like crazy on that desert planet. (If only he’d had some Beard Saver!)



We haven’t gotten to see more than a glimpse so far, but Luke Skywalker with a beard? Looking downright Obi Wan Kenobish. Can’t wait to see more.



Qui-Gon Jinn’s master turned to the dark side, but you know what? Let’s not talk about him. Let’s talk about the guy who played him, Christopher Lee, because he’s way more interesting. He’s 92 years old, which is pretty impressive in itself, but it also means that he was already a grown up during WWII. And not only was he a grown up, but he took part in secret military operations that are still classified and has kept those secrets probably longer than any you know has been alive. Oh, and he was Dracula, sings heavy metal. And there’s more. Just Google him and thank us later.



And finally, how could we leave out the guy who made it all happen?

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