​A Very Short History Of Beards And Gravy

Nov 24th 2016

​A Very Short History Of Beards And Gravy

Contrary to common belief, Pilgrims had beards, but it is debatable whether they had gravy on the menu for that first Thanksgiving. We do know that beards fell out of popularity as the popularity of gravy increased.

In fact many a man was forced to choose: Gravy or Beard? This was due to gravy's natural adhesive properties that allowed it to grip a man's beard no matter the length. Casual washing often left the beard smelling of gravy, which was not a terrible thing except that it caused the beard wearer to salivate when no gravy was around.

So many men looked like this, choosing gravy over their beard:

But now men can embrace both their beard and gravy. Bluebeards Original washes out even the stickiest of gravies while leaving a fresh clean mintlime or natural scent. It’s no small wonder beards became more popular after Bluebeards Original invented Beard Wash!