Badder with a Beard: Daniel Day Lewis

Badder with a Beard: Daniel Day Lewis

Apr 12th 2017

Maybe it's cheating to pick a guy who gets paid to transform himself from acting role to acting role, but we think this still counts because he looks like two totally different people even in his day-to-day when he grows a beard. We present to you: Daniel Day Lewis, before and after growing a beard.

Before the beard he looks kind of like Morrissey, or the guy who tells you about fancy wines at a fancy restaurant. With the beard he's a little Mandy Patinkin (Inigo Montoya!), a little Most Interesting Man in the World, a little bit elder radical poet still bedding the co-eds.

Either way, definitely a step up. How about you step up your beard game with the original beard products for men who want to look good while looking bad?