Posted by Bluebeards Original on Feb 13th 2015

Beard Care for the Active Man

Whether you’re working outdoors or working up a sweat in training or competitive sports, you know that your body and hair can take a beating. The effects of weather, rain, dry heat, sweat, and even dirt can take their toll, leaving your facial hair damaged, your skin dry and itchy, and your pores clogged.

Thankfully science affirms that our beards help by filtering out both harmful UV rays and dust, bacteria, and allergens that might otherwise lay us up for awhile. That’s why a good beard care grooming regimen is essential. Your beard protects you, and you want to keep it healthy and looking its best.


You might think facial soap or hair shampoo would do the job, but you’d soon find that soap leaves behind a residue and shampoo dries out the skin underneath. Before we opened shop in 2005, Paul found out the hard way that there were no products on the market to help bearded men wash and maintain their facial hair. We were forced to compromise with inferior or misapplied products. So he made himself the guinea pig, and with Moira’s help developed products that worked and did the job right.

They focused on using the right ingredients (which meant no parabens), refused to rely on or support any animal testing, and discovered solutions that worked while both cleaning and freshening Paul’s beard and keeping his skin clean, clear, and unclogged. This is especially important when you’re putting your beard on the front lines. You want to give it the support it needs to make it through and come back refreshed.

Today we have a number of beard wash options, from our Original Beard Wash, to Extra Conditioning, to Unscented for sensitive skin, to the newest member of the family, Mint Beard Wash (which has its own accompanying conditioner).


You know how good lotions work into your skin and leave it feeling soft, smooth, and moisturized without leaving a film or oily residue? They’re hard to find, but the product that started it all for us does just that for your facial hair and the sensitive skin underneath.

You can think of Bluebeards Original Beard Saver (now available in Unscented as well) as a great moisturizer and an amazing leave-in beard conditioner in one. It supports your beard’s natural oils and keeps the skin clear and healthy to help promote proper growth and prevent beard itch and dandruff.

When your hair dries out, it becomes less manageable, more prone to damage and split ends, and a lot less fun for your partner. A daily dose of Beard Saver might not only save your beard, but also your relationship.

Just a small amount applied daily to a freshly washed face will keep you fresh and moisturized and ready for more.


When you work or play hard, sometimes you need a little extra. And sometimes you just want to treat yourself and be proactive. Wonder Beard Intensive Repair does the trick. It’s a powerful conditioner meant to be applied in the shower once or twice a week to repair and help maintain your mane. It will work to increase elasticity and reduce breakage, and does wonders for coarse hair.

This is a must-have for both the most stubborn and most battle-tested beards, but it’s also a nice treat for that occasional boost. Keep it on hand for when you really need it, or use it regularly for preventative maintenance.


You got all that? Well, rather than picking them up one at a time, you can save a few bucks (and get free shipping) with a Beard Trio, which also makes the perfect beard gift.

Follow that regimen and your work (or workouts) will do less damage and your beard and face will thank you. And so will the one who nuzzles up to you at night.