Beard Draft

Apr 26th 2017

Beard Draft

It's that time of year folks, so here we are with our draft picks. But this isn't just about football. This is about something much more important. It's about drafting the best beards onto your team.

Defensive Line

From Alabama you have the Senior, Jonathan Allen, matched up with Tennessee Junior Derek Barnett. Now, Allen is going to bring a little more maturity and size, but Barnett has two key advantages: penetration — recording three more sacks than Allen — and a fuller beard. There’s nothing wrong with a tasteful goatee, but we like to see somebody commit to the full beard. Our pick is Derek Barnett.

Running Back

At running back we’ve got our eyes on two Juniors. FSU’s Dalvin Cook and LSU’s Leonard Fournette both have impressive numbers, and they both have full beards. Looking at the differences, Dalvin Cook has had more success out of the backfield. And when you compare their hair, well, Cook’s dreds are pretty awesome. Add the fact that Fournette tends to shave his mustache, and — even though we like the look — the combine score puts the edge in Cook’s favor.

Defensive Back

Our last focus this draft is on the defensive backfield, and the Ohio State University has a cornerback and a safety worth looking at. We’re leaving injury concerns aside because the beard is the thing. While Hooker seems to have the size, wingspan, and hands, he’s a much rawer talent. It’s a close one, but for our money It’s Lattimore who rules in the facial hair department.

Those were our picks, and now it's time for yours. Pick from our complete line of beard care products to make sure your beard is always a winner.