Posted by Bluebeards Original on Jul 8th 2014

Beard Grooming Products: What to Look For

When choosing what beard grooming products to buy, you should always stop and ask yourself  “What the heck is this ingredient and why am I okay with putting this on my face?” Often we purchase items because of creative ads or beautiful models on the bottle — but seriously, you are a man with a beard and purchasing something for these reasons goes against the idea that men with beards are wise! The important thing to look for is what ingredients are listed on the product. Here are two things to look for when shopping for beard care products:

Paraben Free

So what exactly is a Paraben anyway? Well, something it isn’t is good for your skin. Typically used as a preservative in lotions and moisturizers, Parabens have also been found in breast tumors (at relatively the same concentration levels found in consumer products) and human urine. Make sure when purchasing a beard wash the product advertises “Paraben Free” to ensure your face stays away from this disturbing additive.

Phtalates Free

Why is a chemical that is found in plastics also found in different grooming products? The answer is I don’t know but I’m sure it has no business being used on your face and beard. The chemical has also been known to affect human hormone levels negatively by causing a lower sperm count in men. Men with beards are supposed to exude virility and phtalates would obviously not help the situation. Rely on beard care products that refuse to use this chemical to enhance the fragrance.

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