Beard News Roundup: March 2017

Mar 25th 2017

Beard News Roundup: March 2017

First up, it wouldn't be a march roundup without a little college basketball. Luckily USA Today put together a slide show of the best beards of March Madness.

Next up,  the U.S. Army is considering allowing beards, which is big news. Beards went away in the military during WWI because of the advent of chemical warfare and the practical concern of making sure gas masks could make a tight seal against the skin. Well, they now have manufacturers looking into beard-friendly options.

(Photo Credit: Staff Sgt. Kaily Brown/Army)

Finally, it wouldn't be the internet if people weren't getting excited about emoji. Here's a sneak peak at  some things to come: in addition to pretzels, mermen, and breastfeeding moms, we get a dude with a beard.

My man look surprised there. Maybe he can't believe the  amazing deals running up the Bluebeards Original beard shop.