Beard Saver Featured on TV

Posted by Bluebeards Original on Mar 29th 2016

Beard Saver Featured on TV

We were gearing up to write a beginner's guide to beard care and were pleasantly surprised to learn that Beard Saver was featured on Carolina's CW. Check out this clip, starting around 2:45:

What Enya says about Beard Saver is right:

It IS a great alternative to beard oil. No matter the size of your beard, Beard Saver will help you keep it under control and looking its best, but since it's a leave-in conditioner, you don't get the oily residue.

It DOES leave your beard soft and healthy. You can check out the reviews for yourself. It keeps the hair moisturized and will help to reduced common issues like split ends.

It DOES leave the skin underneath healthy, too, helping in the battle against in-grown hairs. Beard Saver does this by not only moisturizing the skin under your beard, but by breaking down the dirt and oils that commonly clog pores.

And, of course, it DOES help with beard itch.

In fact, that's how Beard Saver was born. Go read a little about our beginnings in a little kitchen in Pittsburgh. Then try some Beard Saver for yourself and see. Now available in  OriginalUnscented, and Fresh Mint.