Bearded Birthdays: January 4th edition

Jan 4th 2017

Bearded Birthdays: January 4th edition

You know how they say there are baby booms when certain things happen, like your team wins the championship or there's a citywide blackout? Maybe tax day is the same way for these guys, who would have been conceived around the second week in April. I guess their parents were expecting good returns.

Weird thought. But here are some notable bearded and mustachioed January 4th birthdays in no particular order.

David Berman (49), who fronted the Silver Jews, with Pavement's Steven Malkmus and Bob Nostonovich.

Michael Stipe (56) of REM, who has grown a mighty fine retirement beard.

Former NBA star Will Bynum (34) is back in the D-League, but his beard still brings its A game.

Dave Foley (53) is no longer just a kid in the hall. Now he's man with the facial hair to prove it.

Director Harmony Korine (43) keeps it short and messy, just like his movies.

Augustus John (1878–1961) was a giant of the art world who openly lived in a menage-a-trois.

Matija Jama (1872–1947) was a Slovene impressionist with 450 paintings and a pretty kickass goatee.

Francois Rude (1784–1855) wasn't the lead singer of French punk band, but a sculptor who both had a beard and could sculpt some pretty amazing beards, too.

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