Beards and Motorcycles Ride Together

Oct 4th 2017

Beards and Motorcycles Ride Together

Beards & Motorcycles

Why do I ride, why do I have a beard? Oh yeah some folks might say having a beard is nothing like being a biker, but really are they all that different? Bike clubs and gangs have been around a long time, but now there are beard clubs in every state, and international ones too like Bearded Villains. But there is a reason, a common thread between these two groups, people who have a or ride a cycle, and a reason that many men happen to have both a beard and a bike.

It’s all about what you’re telling the world. Having a beard says to everyone on the street that you’re a man in control of your own destiny, that you either work at a job cool enough to allow you to have 2 foot beard or you work for yourself and make your own damn rules. And you wear that beard because you’re not hemmed in by conventional society, your beard says I don’t give a crap about shaving every day, and looking “nice”, I am who I am.

A motorcycle conveys the same message. By choosing to ride you’re saying you don’t fear what life can take from you, you embrace what you can take from living. Up on your bike and the wind rushing past, it’s a thrill that knows no economic limitations, riding motorcycles are one of life’s great equalizers, a millionaire on a Ducati and a ham and egger on a Kawasaki the road beneath doesnt know difference.

There is an unspoken brotherhood in both bikers and beardos. Anyone in either group knows this, it’s conveyed in that subtle head nod that one gives at a gas station door, a little “Yo, my bearded brother” or recognizing at the stoplight “Keep safe out there amigo."  Yes beards and bikes speak to individuality but you also join a brotherhood, beards and bikes both know it well.

Just like you maintain your machine, make sure you maintain your beard.

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