Beards in the News: April 2017, week 1

Apr 6th 2017

Beards in the News: April 2017, week 1

April is young, my friends, but the beard takes? The takes are old. Well, not all of them. But at least this first one is. From the New York Post we get the hot, hot take that " beards are like makeup for men."

In fairness, they are talking about guys getting laser hair removal to shape their beards. But you can't say "beards" when you mean "dudes who laser their beards."

Now LaserBeard sounds like a terrible but also awesome SyFy original movie starring Michael Dudikoff and Kari Wuhrer. Let's make THAT happen and forget about laser beard hair removal.

All right. Time to cleanse the palette with some sensible words about beards from a guy who had one: Walt Whitman. 

Almost 160 years ago he wrote a series of columns on Manly Health, and these keep making the rounds since they were re-popularized last year. Here's what he had to say about growing a beard:

The beard is a great sanitary protection to the throat—for purposes of health it should always be worn, just as much as the hair of the head should be. Think what would be the result if the hair of the head should be carefully scraped off three or four times a week with the razor! Of course, the additional aches, neuralgias, colds, etc., would be immense. Well, it is just as bad with removing the natural protection of the neck; for nature indicates the necessity of that covering there, for full and sufficient reasons.

Thanks, Walt. We don't know if that's exactly medical advice, but we'll go with it. "Don't shave! You'll catch your death."

Last month we saw that  Army Times was writing about increased interest in beards for military personnel beyond the special exceptions for certain special forces. Now the editorial staff has officially endorsed the idea, saying "To Army leaders, let’s just approve beards already."

Finally, there's Greg Quicke, AKA, Space Gandalf. Apparently  the internet is in love with this guy, a bearded, long-haired, Australian astronomer. Here he is in what looks like promotional video for tourists to his region in Australia (and he makes a nice case for checking it out!), where you find out he's also a motorcycle mechanic and a surfer. So Space Gandalf may be one of those rare cases of some being at least as cool as advertised.

Can't wait to see what the rest of the month has for us. To find out what we have for you,  head on over to the Current Offers page to see how you can save on the best beard care products on the market.