Beards March On

Mar 8th 2017

Beards March On

March is named for the bearded, virile Roman god of war, Mars. It's also a month when we start to transition from Winter to Spring. Plants start to grow, animals start making babies, And too many guys start shaving their faces. Here are 8 guys born in the first 8 days of March who heeded the call of Mars and (mostly) kept their facial hair.

Chuck Zito, 3/1

The former biker turned stuntman and actor with the unusual take on a fu manchu.

Ron Howard, 3/1

The most stable former child star of all time. He went on to have a hit show throughout his 20s and then became one of the most successful directors in Hollywood.

Method Man, 3/2

The Wu Tang Clan member turned actor with some big rolls has never been seen without a little 5 o'clock shadow.

Ian Beattie, 3/3

You know him better as Meryn Trant from Game of Thrones, but don't hold that against him.

Alexander Graham Bell, 3/3

While you're probably looking at this on a little pocket computer, you probably call it a phone. And not only was born in March, but this is the month he patented the telephone.

Tim Howard, 3/6

The most-capped goalie in U.S. national team team, this soccer star has perfected the bald and bearded look.

Rob Reiner, 3/6

After all these years since playing a hippie "Meathead," this comedy legend is still wearing a beard.

Franco Harris, 3/7

The Steelers great has worn a goatee and trim a beard through his life in and out of football.

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