Beard/Stache Costume Idea 2018

Oct 19th 2018

Beard/Stache Costume Idea 2018

It's time for another costume idea: Magnum P.I. Now, we know you're thinking one of two things: the new guy ain't got nothin' but scruff, and Selleck only had a mustache. But what a mustache.

We figure you're with us and go with the 'stache. The rest of the beard will grow back, and you don't even have to take it all the way down.

Now, forget all the gimmicky stuff you see in Halloween kits, like wigs and glue-on mustaches: here's what you need.

Step 1: BYOM: bring your own mustache.

Step 2: Grab a Hawaiian shirt, preferably red. And don't make the mistake of buttoning up too high. Show your chest hair. And if you don't have any, maybe this isn't the costume for you.

Step 3: Get yourself a Detroit Tigers hat, but don't make the mistake of getting one too small. And if you're not feeling the Tigers, go with a generic cap and mock up your own VMO-2 DA NANG patch like the one Selleck's character used to wear from his USMC squadron.

Step 4: Get your beard back in full shape without the itch using our Beard Saver.

And once again, take a picture and hit us up on Facebook.