Birthday Beards & Mustaches, Feb. 24th Edition

Feb 24th 2017

Birthday Beards & Mustaches, Feb. 24th Edition

Is is something in the stars? Some days it just seems like the birthdays are packed with famous guys with facial hair. From scruff, to mustaches, to muttonchops, February 24th is no exception. Here's our rundown of the top six bearded (and mustachioed) birthdays of the day.

1. "Steady" Eddie Murray bringing the classic muttonchops with a funky 70s soul patch.

2. Edward James Olmos always kept his 'stache right, even when he was hunting replicants in the future in Blade Runner.

3. His iconic characters Johnny Ola from Godfather II and Uncle Junior from the Sopranos weren't know for facial hair, but off screen Dominic Chianese was known to rock a goatee.

4. Former UFC fighter and current WSOF welterweight champion Jon Fitch has worn a number of facial hair styles, but usually goes with a classic beard.

5. Under the mask Slipknot's #3, Chris Fehn, actually has a beard.

6. O'Shea Jackson Jr., better known as Ice Cube's son, did a good job playing dad in the movie about NWA. He even copied pop's close-cropped facial hair.

A little beard saver worked in from root to tip every morning wouldn't any of these cats, and might even encourage them to go big with the beards. Try it and let us know what you think.