Bluebeards' Tyrion Lannister Theory

Posted by Paul Kaniewski on Aug 28th 2017

Bluebeards' Tyrion Lannister Theory

Game of Thrones wrapped up another season and plenty went down in the finale. Jon Snow revealed to really be a Targaryen (finally); Jon and Dany knock boots (finally); Little Finger gets iced (finally); Ice Dragon melts The Wall! The finale wrapped things up in a fairly straightforward way, with things going as you would have expected. But what was most intriguing was Tyrion Lannister's sad reaction to Jon and Daenerys hooking up on that ship. (Tyrion Lannister grew a beard a few seasons back, so discussing him on the beard blog is right in the Bluebeards Original wheelhouse.)

The Bluebeards theory is that Tyrion looks so sad because he feels terrible that he has betrayed both of them to his sister Cersei. How and when did he pull off this treachery? Let us explain, when Tyrion went to talk with his sister Cersei after she scorned Dany, Jon and the crew, they had a long talk about how much Tyrion loved Cersei's children and how he regretted what happened to them. Right after  he realizes she is pregnant the show cuts to Cersei going back to the group to tell them that she has had a change of heart and is now on board with Team LannisStarkgaryen, and fighting the walking dead north of The Wall. It's a pretty dramatic 180 turn on Cersei's part and the viewer never really gets to ask themselves what Tyrion might have possibly said to change her mind because she tells Jamie she was just lying a few scenes later.

What if during their meeting, Tyrion changed his mind about trying to convince her to join forces with Dany and Jon and instead decided to rejoin his own family and figure out a way for ensure House Lannister wins the Game of Thrones?

You might think, this doesn't sound very Tyrion at all, but well, maybe it is. If there is one central theme to Game Of Thrones, it is that honoring and preserving one's family is paramount to all. Sisters Sansa and Arya won't be torn apart by Petyr Baelish's machinations. Theon Greyjoy is finally willing to die to save his sister. And now perhaps, Tyrion is willing to correct previous mistakes to make things right in House Lannister and protect his future niece or nephew, while winning back his brother and sister's trust. Maybe Cersei even promised Tyrion he could have Casterly Rock, something he yearns for, especially in the books.

Another reason to think Tyrion has flipped the script is that it's too painful to believe he has become so dumb in such a short time. He once said “A wise man once said you should never believe a thing just because you want to believe it." Would the guy who said that really believe his sister had that big a change of heart? Tyrion has no issues with lying like a Stark would; he even asks of Jon, “Have you ever thought about lying just a little bit? So lying to his queen might be painful, but certainly something he is capable of doing.

Tyrion, who was such a magnetic and interesting character the first few seasons, has been rather boring since he latched on with the Mother of Dragons. With Baelish dead, GOT is a little low on schemers so what better way to perk up the Peter Dinklage character than to make him next puppetmaster we love to hate. There is no way to know what he and Cersei have cooked up, but the possibilities are endless. Murdering Dany springs to mind first and foremost as it would eliminate the ICBM threat of the dragons, and scatter the UnSullied and Dothraki forces. If there is one thing Tyrion hammered into our heads this season is that should something happen to Dany, her quest to change Westeros is broken.