Cult Film's Iconic Facial Hair

Mar 15th 2018

Cult Film's Iconic Facial Hair

Here are 3 memorable examples of iconic facial hair in cult movie classics.

This Is Spinal Tap: Derek Smalls

(Played by Harry Shearer)

He is the “lukewarm” member of the mocking rock band Spinal Tap, but those Lemmy like chops helped Derek stand out from the crowd! Actor Harry Shearer really should keep this look full-time, seriously. Now with an upcoming Derek Smalls solo album his heavier, more seasoned gray chops really go to 11!

Clerks: Dante Hicks

(Played by Brian OHallaran)

Sure Dante’s trim Van Dyke might not have the follicle count of director Kevin Smith’s own character, Silent Bob, but we like to think maybe they were playing up the whole Dante thing by giving him a devlish goat-esque look, or it was just the 90s. He wasn't even supposed to be there that day, but we're glad his facial hair was.

Animal House: Daniel “D-Day” Simpson Day

(Played by Bruce McGill)

The part of the crazy motorcycle loving D-Day was originally meant for Dan Aykroyd(who loved cycles), but it was not to be as he was on SNL and the show’s producer Lorne Micheals forbade him from doing the movie as he already had lost John Belushi to the film. Bruce McGill might not have Dan’s comedic chops but he filled in nicely with a sweet handlebar.

Want your own iconic facial hair? Treat it right and you might get there!