Get Gritty This Halloween!

Posted by Paul K on Oct 23rd 2018

Get Gritty This Halloween!

The beauty of Halloween is that it's not cosplay: you don't need to compete with people for authenticity and making your replica match the production values of your favorite Marvel movie. Halloween is about fun and attitude, and sometimes a goof is better than any kind of realism.

Kind of like Gritty.

Don't worry about building a larger-than-life Muppet head. Don't mess with foam or getting the eyes just right. Halloween costumes are more like impressions than impersonation. Halloween is a time for spirits — and the spirit of a costume. The spirit here is easy to capture with a few simple accessories. (Note: This is easier to pull off if you're already a Flyers fan, and especially if you already have a big red beard.)

Step 1: BYOB: bring your own beard, the bigger —and the redder — the better. Brush it out and make it look wild.

Step 2: Throw on a Flyers jersey, and if you're not a fan and can't bring yourself to do it, you can probably get by with an orange sweater or something.

Step 3: Here's the big sell, and the goofiest part of the costume that will help you pull it off with minimal investment: googly eye glasses. You could just put some googly eye stickers on your forehead, but these glasses will be easier to deal with and you might look more like something out of Monsters Inc. if you have four eyes. Find glasses that actually move, so when you do your Gritty-inspired moves, people get that impression.

Step 4: Dance like a fool and make crazy faces. Don't forget to smile big. It's all about the attitude, and with Gritty it's about enthusiasm and joy as much as anything.

And then, when your done with whatever craziness you get yourself into, let Bluebeards Original get your wild beard back in shape.

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