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GOT Beards: The Best Whiskers in Westeros

Check out our picks for the best beards on Game of Thrones, from the pretty boys to the baddest of the bad.



He kind of looks like Chris Cornell on steroids, but he’s a mighty warlord whom Viserys hopes can help bring him the Seven Kingdoms. Things don’t work out, but he shows us one of the most brutal execution techniques ever, and paves the way for Dany’s own fledgling khalasar. And his beard is so cool it even has its own ponytail.



The second take on this character has a classic short beard that fits the part for a roguish womanizer who knows when to turn on the charm. He must have turned that charm on elsewhere, because even as an outsider he rose in rank enough to negotiate for the Second Sons and eventually become one of Daenerys’s most trusted advisors.



Big Red is the second in command under the King Beyond the Wall, and it’s no wonder. Smart, savvy, and powerful, his bearing is so impressive that Jon Snow wrongly assumed he WAS the king. He’s a great fighter with a strong sense of honor (for a Wildling), but the most impressive thing about him is that massive red beard. Maybe we should call him the Red Bearding.



Normally clean shaven, the Kingslayer is a complex character and one who should be hard to like, given his *ahem* romantic leanings. But he’s as much tragic hero as he is villain. Jaime never looked more sympathetic than at his lowest point, during and after his captivity, forced to drop his vanity and grow a very fine beard.



Known as “the Greatjon” because of his size and toughness (just look at how casually he deals with a few chomped-off fingers), he also has a great big beard. One of the most important bannermen of House Stark, he wasn’t at the fateful Red Wedding, and is now presumably protecting young Rickon Stark. I’d bet we’re going to see that beard again.



Roose Bolton’s man-at-arms and best hunter. He’s a pretty vile character who attempted some unmentionable things with Brienne and then cut off Jaime Lannister’s hand. He’s prevented from more misdeeds when stopped short attempting to get rid of Jon Snow, but despite all of his bad qualities, he has a pretty killer, unique beard.



Ned Stark’s best mate led a rebellion and defeated the Targaryens, but his resulting alliance with the Lannisters through his marriage to Cersei would prove to be darkly fateful for the realm. Even if Robert did die needlessly, Ned might still be alive, and the kingdom would have been spared the reign of Joffrey. But what a beard!



The former smuggler turned loyal advisor to Stannis Baratheon is one of the wisest, most level-headed characters in the series, so naturally his advice is rarely heeded. He’s risen from a poor slum-dwelling kid to the rank of knight, and never learned to read till the would-be-king’s daughter began to teach him. But his facial hair is arguably some of the most regal in the show, with that nice salt and better mix and two-tone look.



The best character just got better. This one is so great that we’re just speechless. We’ll drink to more of that beard.

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