Happy Birthday, Steve McQueen

Posted by Bluebeards Original on Mar 24th 2016

Happy Birthday, Steve McQueen

It wasn't common to see a leading man with facial hair back in the day like it is today. Even in their downtime, when they weren't playing a part, unless they were character actors like Gabby Hayes, actors tended to shave. But Steve McQueen wasn't your average leading man. He was an orphan, a street fighter, a marine, and of course the "King of Cool." In his off time he raced cars and motorcycles and let his beard grow.

Here's Steve with his second wife and costar of the Getaway, Ali MacGraw.

How about Steve with the Six Million Dollar Man, Lee Majors?

Or riding a motorcycle with his third wife, model Barbara Minty?

Or just sitting at home reading his morning paper?

He was no pretty boy, and he was no boy scout. But wherever he was and whatever he did, shaven or bearded, Steve McQueen was a man. Happy birthday, Steve, wherever you are.