Make this Summer the Summer of Your Beard

May 4th 2017

Make this Summer the Summer of Your Beard

So it’s starting to warm up, when is a good time to ditch that beard you grew over the winter? How about never?

The beard that served you so well in the cold is not just a face sweater in the winter; in the summer it becomes a facial sunscreen and shade. According to a 2011 Australian research study, a beard can reduce up to 50–95 percent of the ultraviolet (UV) light from reaching your skin underneath.

And you know how you put one of those sun shades up in your car windshield to keep the temps down while you’re parked? Well, a beard is like having one of those shades planted right on your face. Rocking a beard is like having a bottle of SPF and an umbrella always with you.

While you still might want to slather a little sunscreen on for a long day at the beach, remember: the longer the beard the better. Bonus: in thirty years you can trick everyone into thinking you’re a time traveler by shaving and showing up at your high school reunion looking wrinkle free and smooth compared to the leather faced geezers who chose to shave in their youth.

Or be cool and skip the reunion; keep that beard another thirty years!

To keep your beard from drying out from all those UV rays, consider using our  Bluebeards Original Wonder Beard just once a week.

To keep your beard and skin cool and clean from the increase in sweat and dirt deposits, use our Bluebeards Original Fresh Mint beard wash.