Posted by Bluebeards Original on Jan 6th 2015

New Beards Resolutions


Here’s a list of five resolutions for better facial hair grooming throughout the year. We’ve got you covered, whether you’re just starting out and fighting that initial itch, trying to maintain an unruly, established beard, or looking to freshen up your daily routine.



Keep the itch away with Beard Saver. This daily skin and facial hair lotion acts as an outstanding anti-itch and conditioner for new growth. This is the award-winning product that started it all.



Traditional shampoo can dry the skin underneath your beard, and facial soap leaves behind a sticky residue. So treat your face right with one of our Beard Washes, specially formulated to gently cleanse both facial hair and the sensitive skin underneath.



Grab some more of that versatile Beard Saver as your beard comes into its own.Ā  Just rub a dab throughout your facial hair, from root to tip, to manage even the most unruly facial hair.



Lock in moisture and add shine to your beard just once or twice a week with Wonder Beard. This unique conditioner restores, softens and rejuvenates coarse facial hair in just three minutes.



Get the freshest beard possible with a Mojito Beard Trio. With mint wash and conditioner, and our beard saver with lime, it has everything you need to clean and condition your beard in a handy vinyl shower bag.

We want to hear about YOUR beard resolutions. And if you’re resolved to help a friend join the bearded brotherhood, grad ’em any one of our beard gift sets for maximum savings.

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