Number One: Make It So! A costume for the (short) bearded man

Oct 27th 2018

Number One: Make It So! A costume for the (short) bearded man

We're getting really close to Halloween, and you may have already done your weekend-before-Halloween costume parties. But here's one just for laughs, especially for a special kind of nerd: Trekkies. And more specifically Trekkies with a sense of humor. Who are short. It would be hilarious if someone actually did this, and it's easy to pull off.

Your costume: Commander William Riker, Captain Picard's "number one" on Star Trek the Next Generation.

I know what you're thinking: not very funny. But here's the key: you've got to be short, and you've got to have a prop: a tiny chair. Jonathan Frakes is a tall dude, and the idea is to take this Riker/chair meme and make it more absurd. Average height works, but the shorter you are, and the smaller the chair, the better.

So let's just check out the video and see what it's about.

Commander Riker had a very particular way of sitting on chairs. He was tall enough that swinging his leg over the back of the chair seemed natural. Now, if you're on the shorter side, or even average height, this seems completely bizarre. Hence the tiny chair.

Again, this is a pretty niche costume, but for the right group of people, it should be hilarious.

Here's what you need:

Step 1. Get a red Star Trek: TNG command uniform. You can usually find one at Goodwill.

Step 2. Find a tiny chair, like the kind made for toddlers. You can also usually find these at Goodwill.

Step 3. Have a group of friends who know the show or the meme, or no one will be laughing.

Walk in very seriously, put the tiny chair down in front of you, and swing your leg over the back to sit down. If you want to commit to the bit, especially if you're taking your kids door to door — and don't mind strange looks from people who don't get it — bring the chair with you and do it at ever house. They open the door? You swing your leg over that chair. Every. Dang. Time. 

Alternate costume: Carry a trombone. Riker played the 'bone, and there's something inherently funny about that:

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