Olympic Beards To Watch Out For

Posted by Paul Kaniewski on Aug 2nd 2021

Olympic Beards To Watch Out For

This Summer games have been a bit strange with the lack of fans in the stands in Tokyo, but there is no lack of facial hair on some of our competitors.  Bluebeards Original wants to highlight some of the bearded athletes at the Olympics, for you to check out.

First we have to tip our cap to a previous superstar, Michael Phelps.  Phelps is the GOAT of swimming and since is not competing this year he let his hirsuteness come in, and everyone is raving about it.

Phelps Beard

Kevin Durant has been scoring points in international competition for years, and has also rocked some very fine facial hair as well.

Photo Eric Gay/AP

Probably our favorite beard we has seen so far is from the Men's USA Volleyball team, Mitch Stahl.  It's an awesome beard!

Mitch Stahl

Finally we end with a strange one the Italian high jumper, Gianmarco Tamberi's half-beard, or is it half-shaved ?  Depends how you look at it, no matter what it does get attention.

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