One Small Leap: It’s Time to Put a Beard on the Moon

Posted by Bluebeards Original on Feb 18th 2016

One Small Leap: It’s Time to Put a Beard on the Moon

Well, it’s a leap year, and that magical day is on our minds. That extra day that Julius Caesar cooked up over 2,000 years to straighten out a broken calendar. That weird day that let’s a handful of people tell you every four years they’re only 6 years old. But then “leap” made us think of Neil Armstrong’s famous words, and we wondered why we’ve never seen an astronaut with a beard.

Currently the only facial hair we could find at NASA was mostly on administrators, and there we find a whole lot of mustache and no beard. And don’t get us wrong. Mustaches are cool. But it’s time to represent the people, and the people are increasingly more bearded.

In fact, the only current U.S. astronaut we could find with facial hair is Daniel C. Burbank, who’s been an astronaut for 20 years.

photo of Captain Burbank
Captain Burbank still rockin’ the ‘stache 20 years on.

Captain Burbank is pretty awesome, which may explain the mustache. He was a search and rescue pilot with the Coast Guard, professor of Engineering at the Academy, and has actually been to space, which is more than your facial has ever done. So give him his due.

But adding insult to the injury of so little facial hair in NASA, Administrator Bolden is now clean shaven, when he rocked a classic ‘stache for years.

photo of Administrator Bolden
Administrator Bolden in hairier times.

It’s time to catch up, NASA. Lego’s already got you beat with a new mini-figure that not only sports facial hair but a full beard.


So get your act together! Take a leap. It’s time to put a beard on the moon.