Posted by Bluebeards Original on Jul 25th 2014

Playoff Beard Care

Any hockey fan, casual or serious knows it’s playoff time when the players start growing beards. What started as a tradition by the New York Islanders in the 1980’s has become a league wide obsession. However, the NHL is not the only league where the playoff beard is commonplace.

Baseball players have been known to grow their beards out for the playoffs, or for the entire season, such as the Boston Red Sox last year on their way to a World Series victory. Was it the players or the beard? The most superstitious players might actually blame the beard for their success.

One thing that is just important as the beard though, is the beard care. Beard grooming is essential if you are one of us “normal” people, but extra important if you’re an athlete. Beard care products protect an athletes beard and skin from not only smelling from all the sweat and musk, but also the skin under the beard that especially needs protection from the trapped moisture and bacteria.

A smart and successful athlete will have a cabinet filled with beard products, because they know that they’re always a season away from that famous playoff growth.
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