Presidential Pogonophilia: Beards in the 2016 Election?

May 20th 2016

Presidential Pogonophilia: Beards in the 2016 Election?

Those candidates will do anything to get a vote, and now they're suddenly sporting facial hair to court the bearded bloc. What do you think of these latest political maneuverings?

First up is Donald Trump with a surprisingly tasteful goatee:

Whatever you do, Donald, don't fire that thing. It's working. Now you can maybe lose the piece. This really balances things out.

Next up is Bernie Sanders with a classic full beard:

His new slogan could be, "It's Hemingway or the Highway." But the Santa look is one clever way to get out the youth vote.

And finally there's Hillary Clinton, and all we can say is nice try, but maybe you should have had Bill grow one for you. That fake beard ain't foolin' nobody.

Now, we don't make products for fake beards. We only treat the real deal, so while we might recommend a Triple Mint Trio or some Beard Savers for the fellas on the campaign trail, we're at a loss on that last one.