Real Halloween Costumes from Bluebeards Like You

Real Halloween Costumes from Bluebeards Like You

Oct 31st 2016

We've been posting Halloween costume ideas for bearded guys for the past few years, and thought we'd share some of what you've sent us on Facebook.

Mike Gillett as Red Green

Looks like Mike nailed it.

Scott Chapin as the Big Bearded Wolf

If you look closely you'll see his beard blends in really nicely with the costume. Pretty cool.

Jason Harvey as Sabretooth & Dr. Teeth

Jason bases his costumes on his current style. I guess the Dr. Teeth suggestions was good timing.

Harrison Harry and friend as Capt. Spaulding and the Wolfman

This one is just dead on. Killer job, guys.

Not a bad roundup, huh? Happy Halloween. Be dangerous out there. Just keep your beard clean.