Posted by Bluebeards Original on May 8th 2014

Scented or Unscented, That Is the Question

When choosing what male grooming products to buy, does it matter if it’s scented or unscented? Well, if you don’t really know but just want the best product on the market, Bluebeards Original now offers its signature Beard Wash and Conditioner in new Fresh Mint scent! To compliment our unscented products, we created a product that would leave you not only feeling refreshed, but make your beard smelling wonderful (which I’m sure that others in your life will appreciate). Bluebeards Original Fresh Mint scent includes Peppermint Oil and Menthol — no artificial fragrances necessary.

As one of the leading beard care companies, we wanted to provide something new and fresh (pun intended) to our customers. So if you have tried Bluebeards Original unscented products before, go ahead and test out the new Fresh Mint scent. Same great product, just a different scent.

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