Posted by Bluebeards Original on Apr 2nd 2015

Spring Cleaning: 5 Things That Commonly Dirty Up Your Beard and How to Fix It

One thing everyone likes to tease a guy with facial hair about is getting food in his face fuzz, but it isn’t that funny if you let it go and don’t properly maintain your mustache or beard. There are a range of issues, from dry facial hair to acne, that can result from facial hair that isn’t properly cleaned. So here’s a list of 5 common issues, the effects you may not have considered, and the best way to keep your beard healthy and clean.



Like a milk-mustache for grownups, but on top of the real thing. Everyone likes a nice head, but try to keep it out of your facial hair, though it is good for a laugh. People claim it helps condition, but the alcohol will ultimately dry out your hair, so you’ve got to wash it out properly.



It’s like coffee breath right on your lip. But that cream’s going to sour your ‘stache if you don’t wash it out. Coffee is also used to dye hair, so be careful leaving it sit in your beard. You could end up like the gray-haired smokers with eternally yellow mustaches.



I’ve heard of a hair in your soup, and that could get you a free meal (“Oh, waiter!”). But whether it’s soup, chowder, bisque, or stew, if it gets in your beard hair, it’s filled with all sorts of things that bacteria love to chow down on, from proteins to sugars and everything in between. Head ‘em off at the pass. Go ahead and enjoy your favorite foods, but use a good beard wash regularly.



Any kind of greasy or oily food — from wings to salad dressing — could end up seeping down to your skin and clogging your pores. This traps your skin’s natural oils and can cause problems ranging from acne to ingrown hairs, not to mention that greasy hair look, which is a big turn off. Clean it out and keep the pores clear for a healthier beard.



There are a lot of trends in hair care, and sugar’s a big one right now. Even if you buy the hype, there’s no benefit to maple syrup or cotton candy on your face. Enjoy your pancakes, french toast, waffles, and whatever else, but for beard’s sake, don’t let it get sticky or you’re going to start dealing with tangled, damaged hair.

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