Summer Beard Movies, Issue Two

May 22nd 2017

Summer Beard Movies, Issue Two

Alien: Covenant (opened May 19)

The Alien franchise had a promising start in the beard department, with Tom Skerritt and Yaphet Kotto holding down the fort in the original movie.

The sequel took a step back with all those fresh-faced and ultimately doomed Space Marines, and from that point the movies seem to posit a future where you’re more likely to see a face-hugging alien on somebody's face than a beard.

It looks like they’re returning to their roots just a bit with fan favorite and perpetually goateed comic foil Danny McBride playing against type ("no comic relief," says the actor), along with Aussie actor Nathaniel Dean.

It's about time they got back into the bearded swing of things.

Wonder Woman (opens June 2)

You can’t expect to find much facial hair in a movie about an Amazon warrior princess, but it would make for a nice contrast. Maybe when they reveal the face of the god Ares under his wicked horned skull mask (so far the outward appearance has only been leaked via the toy line).

Instead, the lone bearded hope is a man known only as Sameer, some kind of master spy who, rumor has it, may actually be the debonair WWII veteran Blackhawk, eponymous leader of the Blackhawk Squadron.

But who knows? Maybe we’ll see an uncredited cameo by Jason Momoa as Aquaman in a teaser for the Justice League movie.

Here’s hoping for bigger, better, fuller beards throughout the rest of the season. And to help you get and keep your own, try a little Beard Saver everyday.