​Summer Movie Beard Guide, Issue One

May 9th 2017

​Summer Movie Beard Guide, Issue One

This summer there are going to be a lot of films vying for your entertainment budget. For the beard aficionados out there — men who appreciate a good beard, and women who adore face fuzz — we got you covered on who is a must see on the big screen in the coming months.

While it is technically still Spring, these following May Movies will probably be playing well into June.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (In Theaters Now)

This film has already hit most theaters and appears to be another box office hit. It also features possibly the best beard on celluloid in a long time, no I am talking about Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord.

(Who Let the Barber from the Hunger Games on set?)

Star-Lord is definitely winning points in the trimmed and styled category, with some well-defined chops, but he has nothing on Kurt Russell, who plays his long lost dad.

While his beard is not on the same level of epicness it had from The Hateful Eight, it’s still badass and very classy.

(Ya know what Jack Burton always says … Whoops! Wrong movie.)

Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (In Theaters May 26)

That movie title is a mouthful, but a pirate flick must be loaded with facial hair goodness. I mean, what’s a pirate without a beard? You will have to ask Javier Bardem, because his character looks to be pretty darn smooth. Who is he playing, the not-so-dread Pirate No-Beard?

(Pirate or Porcelain Doll?)

That said we still have ol’ Captain Jack Sparrow and his gutter trash style Van Dyke, which appears to have grown a little on the chin to a length that dear departed Captain Lou Albano would be proud of. As for Barbossa, his beard is looking like it could use some  Beard Saver to give it a little conditioning. But, overall, not bad.

(Nice curls, Geoffrey!)

Anyway, keep posted here for more beards on film posts coming your way!