6 TV Dads Who Rocked Facial Hair

Posted by Bluebeards Original on Jun 16th 2015

You know, as far as we’ve come as a society, you’d think we’d see more dad TV characters with beards. And as Father’s Day approaches, we thought we’d take a look at some of our favorite TV fat … read more

A Dozen plus Beards for Star Wars Day

Posted by Bluebeards Original on May 4th 2015

In honor of Star Wars Day (“May the Fourth be with you”), check out these Star Wars Characters with Beards (okay: there’s a mustache in there, too) Which Star Wars beard is your favorite? … read more

GOT Beards: The Best Whiskers in Westeros

Posted by Bluebeards Original on Apr 9th 2015

Check out our picks for the best beards on Game of Thrones, from the pretty boys to the baddest of the bad. KHAL DROGO He kind of looks like Chris Cornell on steroids, but he’s a mighty warlord whom … read more

10 Non-Human Characters With Awesome Facial Hair

Posted by Bluebeards Original on Mar 31st 2015

Check out this collection of 10 fictional creatures with pretty awesome facial hair, from Disney to Tolkien. Maybe you’ll get inspired. PAPA SMURF With his white beard and read hat, he looks li … read more

What if Classic Sitcoms Tackled Beards?

Posted by Bluebeards Original on Mar 24th 2015

Check out our take on how four different classic sitcoms from the 70s through 00s might have handled beards: All in the Family, Cheers, Seinfeld, and the Office. THE 1970S: ALL IN THE FAMILY TITLE: & … read more