The Bandit Rides Off

Posted by Paul Kaniewski on Sep 7th 2018

The Bandit Rides Off

Burt Reynolds passed away on September 6, 2018.

The man was a legendary actor, and personality who was a football star in college before injury led him on a course that would eventually lead to the silver screen. One of the most iconic things about Burt was his mustache. Burt came from an age when uttering the word manscaping could give you a punch in the mouth and hair on body was something to be appreciated, even Cosmo thought so.

With his boss mustache, killer smile and winking eyes Burt was a smooth operator who could make his fans laugh as easily as he could have them swooning. Real cool is never taking yourself too seriously, which Burt never did.

Burt was not push over though he once loaded a helicopter full of manure and dumped it on the National Inquirer's company Christmas Tree in retaliation for nasty stories about his life.  Active in film right up until recent years and he even added a beard to his facial hair arsenal. The man will be missed. Rest in peace Bandit.