The Summer is Hurting Your Beard (But There's Hope)

Jul 31st 2016

The Summer is Hurting Your Beard (But There's Hope)

We are in the dead of summer and all that sunshine and pool water is just beating your beard down. Learn how to protect your facial hair and help it recover from all that summer fun.

1. The Sun is like Bleach To Your Beard

All those UV rays might look great for a tan but just as too much sun can damage your skin, too much sun can damage your beard, too. Your beard will suffer and dry out under the sun if not treated properly.

Solution?  Bluebeards Original Beard Saver is loaded with aloe and she butter to hydrate and bring that beard back from the brink. It’s like giving your beard a nice big glass of Gatorade!

Bonus, Beard Saver helps hydrate the skin underneath.

2. Your Beard Is Drowning In That Sea & Pool Water

The ocean is fun and refreshing but all that salt will dry your beard out like yesterday’s codfish, and swimming in the pool is even worse. If the contaminants from swimming with everyone else doesn’t crud up your beard, the chlorine and cleaners in the pool water will strip the hairs of nutrients and life.

Solution? Bluebeards Original  Beard WashesBeard Conditioners can help repair and condition your facial hair back to life from the ravages of both salt and chlorinated water. After all that punishment, you need to clean out your beard while infusing it with vitamins. All of our Beard Washes are loaded with helpful vitamins and antioxidants like Vitamin E to help condition while washing.

Up the conditioning power to bring back those lost nutrients with our Beard Conditioners and Wonder Beard (our once-weekly conditioner). Wonder Beard Intensive Repair is a unique beard conditioner that contains amino acids and meadowfoam seed oil to lock in moisture, add shine and protect your beard against the elements.

Beat the heat. Feed the beard.