Posted by Bluebeards Original on Apr 3rd 2014

The Taming of the Beard

Here’s a great article about Beard Grooming, with insights from Bluebeards Original.


Here are some excerpts:

Moira Kaniewski, a co-founder of Bluebeards Original, said, “Normally, men would grow a beard on vacation and have to shave it off when they got back to the office environment.” She attributes the change in part to “men taking better care of their beards.”

. . .

Itchiness, a common complaint among men growing out their beards, can be allayed with a leave-in conditioner to soften hair follicles. Bluebeards Beard Saver, for example, uses aloe vera to soothe skin and lime essential oil to break down trapped dirt, which can lead to pimples and further discomfort.

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