Top 10 Reasons to Keep Your Beard in Summer

Posted by Bluebeards Original on Jul 7th 2015

Top 10 Reasons to Keep Your Beard in Summer

10. Benefits of a beard: Your beard doesn’t make you hot in summer, it makes you hot all year. There’s your summer mantra.

9. Save money on sunscreen. More money for beer. Seriously, your beard can give you 90–95% protection against the sun, and it doesn’t have to be reapplied. The fuller the better!

8. Beards don’t just make you look cool. Physics says your beard makes you feel cooler by absorbing heat from sunlight and convecting it away from the skin.

7. What’s wrong with a little more perspiration, anyway? With a beard’s natural wicking ability, you’re practically walking around with an air conditioner on your face.

6. If you’re one of those pasty dads, you’ll be easier to spot on the beach when your kids bury you up to your neck and go chasing the ice cream vendor with your wallet.

5. Ever get so hot you just don’t want to do anything? Just put down the razor — and relax.

4. Facial hair helps you enjoy the outdoors. True story: your beard and mustache trap pollen that might otherwise get in your nose and trigger allergies (or even asthma).

3. You know when you get so hot you just grab the hose or a glass of water and just soak your head? You know why that works? Evaporation, homes. Now think of how good it’ll feel to take a dip and walk around with the breeze blowing through your face fuzz.

2. Like the fable of the ant and the grasshopper, you want to stock up — on whiskers — so you have plenty to stay warm through the cold winter (and give someone else a reason to want to get closer).

1. Because you’re still a man, aren’t you?

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