Posted by Bluebeards Original on Jun 16th 2014

Top 3 Steps to Prevent Beard Itch

Men grow beards for many of reasons. Trends such as NSN (No Shave November), personal preference, to look manlier, or simply because everyone knows facial hair is cool. While growing a beard is fun, people often neglect the care that is needed to keep your beard full and healthy.

Beard maintenance is of the utmost importance. Keeping your skin and facial hair clean will encourage hair to grow and make for a better looking beard. A lack of moisturizer and proper grooming will create that dreaded beard itch. Because beard hair is coarser than the hair on your head, the growing process can be tremendously uncomfortable which can irritate your skin. The stubble, ingrown hairs, bumps, blackheads and very commonly, beard odor can occur.

Bluebeards Original has created an easy, 3-step beard set that will give you the best beard a man can have.

One of the major deterrents that prevent men from growing out their beards is the unbearable beard itch. Beard itch is most common within the first few weeks and it is the itch that causes most men to stray from their commitment. The cause for this itch is that as the human face naturally sheds thousands of dead skin cells a day, the dead skin cells get caught in the beard hair and held closely to the skin causing the irritation. Bluebeards Original offers these 3 tips to help put men well on their way to achieving facial hair success:

1) Wash your beard:

Might sound simple enough but regular face washes might not be enough to deal with coarse facial hair. Regular shampoos also contain certain chemicals and ingredients that are known to actually clog pores and could make beard itch even worse. That is why men should use a specially designed beard wash that is designed to treat androgenic hair (facial hair).

2) Use a conditioner:

Similar to head hair, beard hair requires conditioner to only provide that healthy shine but to help prevent tangling and knots which only make beard itch worse. But because facial hair is different than head hair, it is important to use a beard conditioner that is formulated to treat androgenic hair. It also works for men with only a bit of stubble to soften the scruff which will assist the hair in growing out properly.

3) Moisturize:

Similar to conditioners, moisturizers for facial hair will make the hair silkier and prevent the sharp bristles from aggravating those with sensitive skin. These moisturizers tend to be strong and a little goes a long way, but investing in a beard lotion will save you from dealing with any discomfort beard itch may cause.


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