Posted by Bluebeards Original on Aug 8th 2014

Two Rocking Beards

When it comes to beard care, there are famous beards and then there are famous beards. If you were going to get beard grooming advice, there are just certain people who are the masters of facial hair that you’d want to get it from.

Billy Gibbons and his band mate, Dusty Hill might be the most famous beards out there. Billy and Dusty have become icons not only for their looks, but more so as the bassist and guitarist of the rock band ZZ Top. Along with drummer and ironically, the man with the least facial hair, Frank Beard, ZZ Top has produced 11 gold and 7 platinum records. They were fittingly inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004. If you listen to classic rock radio, they are still on regular rotation and very popular.

If there are any men fitting for the Bluebeards Beard Care Hall of Fame, regardless of career or celebrity, Billy and Dusty quite possibly are member 1 and 1a. When we created our beard care products, our historical inspirations were men such as them. Take a moment to salute Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hall, two men with two beards that define a look for men everywhere. Thank you for your commitment to your facial hair.

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