Posted by Bluebeards Original on Jul 29th 2014

UFC Fight Night Beards of the Night

If you happened to catch UFC Fight Night this weekend from San Jose, CA, in person or on FOX, you definitely were not disappointed. While two beard grooming all-stars may have lost their fights, they definitely won Beards of the Night. Kyle Kingsbury was the clear winner, with Matt Brown in second place. It’s obvious that these two fighters are well aware of proper beard care, and use their facial hair to make a statement.

Robbie Lawler and Matt Brown put on a fight for the ages in the main event, not only winning fight of the night, earning them $50,000 fight bonuses each in addition to their fight purses, but possibly qualifying them for fight of the year. Not many men can take measured shots from “Ruthless” Robbie, but Matt Brown stayed in front of him and traded blow for blow. While Robbie seemed the calmer and less beat up of the two, they both took plenty of shots, and fought with no let down for 5 straight rounds.  Robbie may have won the unanimous decision earning him a shot at Johny Hendricks for the welterweight title, but Matt Brown is here to stay, as a top welterweight in the UFC.
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