Posted by Bluebeards Original on Jun 30th 2014

What Does Your Beard Say About You: The Science Behind Facial Fuzz

We at Bluebeards Original obviously love beards. We love that you love your beard. But what does wearing a beard say to others? There has actually been plenty of research on the societal perception of facial hair–or lack thereof. For the most part, there are few rules. You don’t have to shave that Van Dyke you’ve been working on just because you have to wear a suit or go to a job interview. But knowing what facial hair style to choose and how to wear it is the key to a successful outward image. (You’re on your own for your self-image, we’ll stick to offering beard care that will make your beard look great!)

To find a beard that not only looks good on you, but fits your lifestyle, you first need to know the basic breakdown of common social perception. According to most studies, any visible facial hair is closely associated with maturity, dominance, and aggression. (There have been many examples of Great Beards in History and film; Gerard Butler as King Leonidas in 300 comes to mind).

One study finds that the more facial hair a man touts, the more mature he is perceived. As men age, their ability to grow facial hair increases and he appears older and more mature. This is also a sign of dominance as it takes lots of testosterone to grow a full beard. But lots of testosterone (and sometimes lots of facial hair) can also be associated with aggression. For some men, this trait is just what they’re looking for. But we suggest you always adhere to proper male grooming techniques so as not be associated with some of the more infamous bearded men in history (think Charles Manson or the Unabomber). Further, women have reported that different kinds of beards send them different signals. A nice growth of stubble says sexy and ready for a good time and a full beard says “I’m mature, fertile, and ready for a relationship.”

At the end of the day, it is important to remember that these are just social trends. When it comes to learning what is right for you and your lifestyle we suggest patience, trial and error, and a great line of beard care products.

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