Which Way Do You Beard?

Posted by Bluebeards Original on May 27th 2014

Which Way Do You Beard?

Some beard connoisseurs say that if you’re blessed with the ability to grow a full beard (a la Grizzly Adams or ZZ Top) then you should let that bad boy grow all the way in. But if you prefer a more styled beard, or can’t quite get away with the full monty, here are some alternatives we highly recommend.


The Goatee and Mustache:

The goat and stash combo is one of the most popular styles around. It’s a good choice for those with weak growth on the cheeks. When growing this style for the first time, we advise growing out a larger area that you think you’d like. This will allow you more flexibility when it comes to decide which coverage area fits your face. Once you’ve achieved enough growth, then you can shape to your desired size. Typically, guys like to stick to the oval shape, but hey, who are we to judge. Just be sure that you grab one of our Beard Sets to keep your style up to par.


The Van Dyke:

This style was named after the 17th century Flemish painter, Anthony Van Dyke and was also a favorite of Buffalo Bill, Vladimir Lenin, and Christian Bale. To achieve this style, simply grow a mustache and a strip down the center of your chin. As with our advice on growing a goatee, start off a little wider to give yourself room to groom. When you’ve got the right amount of growth, you may choose to narrow the strip or even end it into a point.


The Chin Strap:

Also known as a “chin curtain” this style is most commonly attributed to Abraham Lincoln (and if you are a regular reader, you know the world really should thank little Grace Bedell for this famous furry style). To achieve this style takes a steady hand and dedicated beard care. You can grow a full beard then shave the mustache for a thicker strap, or trim down the cheek line so it grows just above the jawline for a thinner look.

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