5 Great Cartoon Characters With Facial Hair

Growing up as a child, I remember waking up on Saturday mornings and rushing to the couch to watch cartoons. Traditionally, a cartoon character with a beard was either infinitely wise or inherently evil, but modern cartoons have thrown this to the wind, adding facial fuzz wherever they see the need. Here are Bluebeards Originals top 5 cartoon characters with facial hair:

Yosemite Sam


The wild cowboy was famous for his rootin, tootin, double pistol shooting  and screaming some gibberish about catching Bugs Bunny. The most distinguishing feature of good old Sam has to be his wild fire engine red beard which although quite long, always seemed to be well groomed. Wonder what beard care products ACME was supplying at the time.

6 of the 7 Dwarves


If there is one takeaway from Snow White, it has to be that it’s important to keep friends with beards in your life. The 7 dwarves proved that beards are for any man regardless of temperament and beard grooming should be taken seriously if you are going to have any chance with a princess.  Interesting note is that the one dwarf without a beard was Dopey — goes to show you what Disney thought of men without beards.

Peter Griffin


The lovable patriarch of the Griffin family usually is seen without a beard,  but when he decided to grow it out, it was nothing short of epic. While Peter’s beard became home to 3 little birds (take about some serious beard itch), it also touched on something that all men with full beards experience – the unintentional leftovers. A serious beard wash is necessary for anyone who has experienced the remnants of dinner being caught in their facial locks – or a nest!

Super Mario Bros.


Mario and Luigi were some of the hardest working plumbers in the 80s. While they didn’t have beards, their full moustaches were always well-groomed and had a radiant shine. Whether seen in arcades or on television, it was obvious that these two used some type of beard lotion to keep their lip-warmers soft.

Ned Flanders


It is interesting that the iconic TV show “The Simpsons” depicted the ideal father as a man with a moustache. Although Ned might not have been the most courageous or flamboyant character, he was often envied by Homer for being a good parent with a great family. I have to believe Homer was also jealous of his full moustache and male grooming techniques.


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