Grizzly Adams DID Have a Beard and California Can Thank Him For their State Flag Too!

Yeah he wasn't just some guy mentioned in Happy Gilmore, Grizzly Adams was a real wild man of the woods who was also an amazing showman.  This guy was known to get up close and personal with his wild game, including California grizzly bears, known to fight "paw to hand" with a knife at times.  When he wasn't hunting them he was making them into pets and wrestling them for paying audiences.  PT Barnum admired the heck out of the guy.

Anyway there is so much to learn about old Grizzly Adams he is worth a wiki check, but an interesting thing we found, other than his amazing beard, was that the California state flag is directly related to him.

That big beauty of a bear you see there was modeled after one of John's own pet grizzlies.  See Charles C Nahl, was an illustrator who had done a bunch of illustrations of Grizzly Adams and his pet bear Sampson and when it came time to come up with a flag, an illustration of Sampson was used.

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