Top 20 Nicknames for Your Mustache

Celebrate Mustache Monday right and check out our top 20 list of mustache nicknames for your mustache.

20. ‘stache (or ‘tache)

19. cookie duster

18. flavor saver

17. lip curtain

16. soup strainer

15. the ol’ push broom

14. caterpillar

13. crumb catcher

12. mouth mane

11. lady tickler

10. snot catcher

9. tea strainer

8. womb broom

7. mouth brow

6. lip strip

5. muzzle fuzz

4. lip locks

3. dental drapes

2. the reverse Amish

1. fake ID

Whether you stick with the ‘stache or go full beardo, we have what you need. From those first growing pains, to keeping fuller growth manageable and smelling great, we’ve been making the products you need since 2005.

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