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The Fresh Mint Collection

For the freshest beard possible


We've formulated a series of fresh mint beard grooming products, washes and conditioners, available individually or packaged in beard care kits for maximum savings. These beard hygiene products will leave you feeling invigorated, and your facial hair will smell pretty amazing, too.

Here are just some of the benefits of using real peppermint oil on facial hair:

  • An invigorating, fresh scent
  • Natural conditioning properties
  • Promotes hair growth (according to recent research)
  • Mojito Beard Kit Trio

    Free Shipping on all Beard Kit Trios Mix it up with Mint Beard Wash and Beard Conditioner, and our award-winning original lime Beard Saver.  Our Mojito Beard Trio has everything you need to clean and condition your...

  • Triple Mint Beard Kit Trio

    Free Shipping on all Beard Kit Trios NEW! Our Fresh Mint beard care set has everything you need to clean, moisturize and condition your beard. The products in these men’s beard grooming kits contain real...

  • Fresh Mint Beard Duo

    Two mints are better than one NEW! The Fresh Mint Beard Duo contains peppermint oils to add shine and awaken skin. Our full size Fresh Mint Beard Wash and Conditioner beard grooming kit will leave your beard clean and soft...

  • Fresh Mint Beard Saver

    The Beard Oil Alternative — Mint NEW! Real peppermint beard oil adds shine to your beard and "wakes up" tired skin.   Like our award-winning Beard Saver™, a better than beard oil alternative, the...

  • Fresh Mint Beard Wash

    For the freshest beard possible Fresh Mint Beard Wash contains natural peppermint oil and menthol to add shine to dull facial hair and awaken skin. This beard growth shampoo contains peppermint oil also has natural...

  • Fresh Mint Beard Conditioner

    Keep Your Beard in Mint Condition Our Fresh Mint Beard Conditioner is a great way to a mint condition beard. The Bluebeard Mint Conditioner is a wash-out conditioner made with natural ingredients like...