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We love our customers, and they love our products. Here are some of the nice things they've said about us. You can chime in at the end and submit a testimonial of your own. We'd love to hear from you.

Hi guys,

I recently bought your product and I instantly noticed a difference. And just within 2 days my beard dandruff was gone! Your stuff is amazing!!!

But more importantly I see your partnership with Lung Cancer Alliance. That means a lot to me! I recently lost my aunt to lung cancer and we were very close. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are a great company with a great product.

— Cody Rawlins


I have been using your beard saver for about a week now. and I absolutely love it. my beard feels thicker and stronger. It also has a healthier look. An absolutely wonderful product. Thanks.

—Mike Frantz

I just want to thank you for an amazing product. I recently purchased the Beard wash/Saver gift set and I love it. This is the first time ever growing out a full beard. I've had a goatee for 15+ years and the beard has been itchy like mad!! Day one of the wash and leave in saver has made a massive difference. Thank you so much !!

— Dwayne, Port St. Lucie, Florida


This is what I use. There's no need to fear the beard anymore because we've got Bluebeards Original.

— UFC Fighter Court McGee

Just want to tell you how much I like your products. I have used the Beard Wash and Beard Saver for three months and Wonder Beard for three weeks. I am very happy with all three products. I feel that my beard lays better. My beard is dark on the cheeks and gray on the chin. The dark and gray hairs are both becoming softer. The smell is great. So little is needed that it is economical to use. I will continue to use these three products.

— David, Port Ludlow, WA

Thanks for getting the gift set out to me so quickly. I was able to wrap it up and present it in time for my fella's birthday. He's been using the wash, brush, and that goopy stuff every day for the last week. It seems to be making his beard softer and fuller. He's not big on using product but this stuff is good. Thanks for your help!

— Jess, Teaneck, NJ

I have been using your product for two days. Originally I thought it might be a waste of money but it was worth a try. This is no joke I was amazed how good it is. I will use it from now on. I have had a beard for 40 years and it has never been this healthy. It's smooth and feels soft. Good job.

— Anthony M.