5 Great Beards in History

Posted by Bluebeards Original on May 14th 2014

5 Great Beards in History

There’s no doubt that Bluebeards Original is an undisputed leader in beard care products. In recent years, growing an impressive beard has become one of the most fashionable things to do. Yet, it’s important to know that this trend did not start in 2013. From the dawn of history the greatest men alive were rocking a beard. Did they have a beard itch problem? We’ll never know for sure, but if they did, we definitely could have helped.

Here’s our list of five great beards in history:


  1. Charles Darwin

One of the most influential figures in the history of science, Charles Darwin had a huge full beard. It was a symbol of his wisdom and intelligence, and an inseparable part of his look. In fact, it’s hard to imagine Darwin baby-faced without his beard. Did he also work on the theory of beard evolution? We’ll never know. But one thing is true, Darwin had one of the greatest beards in history.


  1. King Leonidas The First

The King of Sparta, King Leonidas I is always pictured with an amazing war beard. From the movie 300 (that motivated many men to grow a beard) to a legitimate historical artifacts – King Leonidas’ beard is truly majestic.


  1. Che Guevara

His face appeared on countless t-shirts worldwide. You might be pro or against Che Guevara and what he represents, but his beard, just like his face, is a true icon of the revolution. Yet, we might speculate that there’s a good chance Che Guevara had to deal with a pretty nasty beard itch. Our beard wash would’ve helped.


  1. Abraham Lincoln

There you have it. One of the founding fathers, Honest Abe was famous for his amazing beard. It was short, yet perfectly shaped and maintained by the very best barbers and beard experts that our nation had to offer.


  1. Albert Einstein

He didn’t have a beard, but hey – if you have a moustache there are a plenty of products for you in our online store. Albert Einstein’s moustache is legendary, he was a genius, and that’s exactly why he has every right to be on this list.

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